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Your Start-Up done right!*

(*or How to Make Money following Your Dream)

Jackie Peterson with Kathy GrimmHave you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Well, it’s not too late, and you’re not too old. You just need to give yourself the Best Beginnings possible. Now you can ask an expert for customized startup help. Jackie will help you create your own guide, and when you complete this seven part course, the foundation of your business will be in place.
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This is your chance to discover how to launch a different, solo-owned business that reflects your personal drive and passion! It’s a series of short lessons accompanied by downloadable worksheets that address both the essentials for getting started, and then how to position yourself for growth. You can focus on one area or take the whole course. It’s perfectly tailored to your needs.

Best Beginnings Package #1

Package #1 Includes:
#1. What to Do First – Inventory of your transferable skills and passions
#2. How to Set Up Business – Forms, naming and funding
#3. How Much Do I Charge? Setting your price

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Best Beginnings Package #2

Package #2 Includes:
#4. How to Get Found – Specialize and stand out
#5. Know Your Target – Be their go-to resource
#6. Speak Their Language – Connect and build relationships
#7. How to Grow On Your Own – The Waterbug Model

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Best Beginnings Complete Package

You can also visit our Online Training school on Teachable to take this course.

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