Business For Life

Now is the time to create your business for life!

Business for life

Today’s guest is Dan Critchett Host of the radio show Second-Half Now! which is a collaborative community for boomers and beyonders. As an ordained paster, Dan helps people move through different stages of life. On his radio show he focuses on boomers thriving as they move forward to finding and fulfilling their calling.

It used to be that when people reached their fifties and beyond they had a clear idea of what came next. Today is a very different reality. As we reach ‘retirement age’ there are five different areas that people need to bolster: Home and family, health and wellness, budget, heart and soul, work and purpose – so that you can contribute and be meaningful in your daily living.

A tough reality at this time of life is that we need an income stream because most who had worked their whole life in the corporate setting are finding that they don’t have that pension they had planned on. 86% of people worry about income stability. With today’s extended years of people today, finding a way to create income is essential. It’s been called the ‘Longevity Economy’.

This episode discusses this topic in depth including ideas and resources. Listen in.

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