Fear And Anxiety About Pricing Your Work

fear and anxiety about pricingFear and anxiety about pricing is one of the major reasons why businesses fail

Jackie talks about money issues that cause fear and anxiety about pricing your work, charging what you’re worth and why so many solos avoid discussing money with their clients and she tells you what you can do about it.

Start the new year off on the right foot by eliminating money sabotage from your business.

From her years as a CPA, consultant, business coach and author with over 40 years of business experience and wisdom, Jackie’s going to share the most common ways solo business owners sabotage themselves by undervaluing their services and not addressing money issues head on. In this engaging interview, Jackie will uncover many of the underlying reasons why you’re not making – or keeping – the amount of money you should be.

Are you struggling with fear and anxiety about pricing your work? This is the conversation you need to tune into.