Small Business Success: Jackie helps Organizers Northwest refine its focus

Photo of Missy Gerber of Organizers Northwest

Missy Gerber of Organizers Northwest

Need a boost with your business?  Missy Gerber talks about how working with Jackie helped hers.

Name of Business:  Organizers Northwest

How many years in Business:  15

What the business does:  Professional Organizing Firm who helps people get unstuck and move forward with their projects.

What led to the formation of your business?   “My Mother passed away at the age of 70.  I moved back to Portland, helped my Dad and others set up their paper/filing systems.”  What have you done in the past?  “Worked for a Fortune 100 company (Kraft Foods) in Sales/Marketing.”

How did Jackie help you with your business? “Jackie helped us analyze our numbers and where to focus our efforts.”

Advice/lessons learned/take away for our readers?  “Ask for help sooner rather than later.  Be curious, read all you can, get experts to help you fill in the blanks.”

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