New Healthcare Business Choices

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New Healthcare Business Choices

This episode’s guest is Kristin Jackson of Think Somatics, a certified health coach, natural-movement personal trainer and Clincial Somatics Educator in training. She is the owner of Take It Outside Fitness and Clinical Somatics of Portland. She started her fitness career in Austin, Texas and moved to Portland in 2001 where she worked in community centers and started her first business, Take It Outside Fitness.

In 2011, while riding her bike, Kristin was hit by a car. This was a big cosmic shift for her. She could no longer move without pain. She explored many modalities to help her heal and ultimately discovered Hanna Somatics. Hanna Somatics, also called Clinical Somatics, is a safe, gentle method of movement to help get one out of pain and function better.  It goes to root of all movement: our brains! Hanna Somatics helped her heal when nothing else did. She fell in love with the not well known method and now works with people to function better as she pursues her 3-year Clinical Somatics Educator certification.

Kristin enjoys working with people in a completely different way than most fitness and wellness professionals. Instead of creating a dependency, which can limit long term sustainable results for most people, she encourages her clients to listen to their bodies and trust their instincts more. Clinical Somatics combined with natural, outdoor exercise gets people back to real life which has profound results for the body, the brain and the spirit so people can thrive!

Enjoy this informative interview and learn how Kristin works with her clients.  Kristin has helped me and she can help you too!

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