Best Beginnings: The Better, Smarter, Richer Method to Start Your Successful Solo Business.




Best BeginningsTM is a self-paced series of 7 classes that answer every single one of your questions about how to launch and successfully operate a small business.

Jackie B. Peterson is a national authority on what it takes to launch a successful, money-making business. For the last xx years she has helped thousands of folks just like you decide how to make a living doing what they love.

In just 7 weeks you will learn how to:
• Choose the right business model: Learn how to pick the best one that suits, you, your unique needs and client base.
• Assess your market—is there a niche for what you want to do?
• Put your Best Beginning forward: There are so many decisions you need to make. This step-by-step, interactive program guides you into making the best decisions
• Determine what to charge—and—
• Charge what YOU are worth. It’s true: Most new business owners are not sure how to value their expertise and know-how. This incredible, self-esteem boosting session guarantees you will set the best price for your services, your expertise, your know-how and passion. Your big takeaway here is knowing how to charge what you are worth—and getting paid for it, too!