Small Business Marketing Fear

Jackie Peterson -Small Business Marketing FearYou can build a successful business by confronting small business marketing fear

When Jackie was a little girl, she used to hide behind the sofa whenever the doorbell rang. When she started her own business, she had to get over her fear of having people notice her! The trick to a successful solo business is to overcome small business marketing fear.

Marketing is about being enthusiastic about what you do and sharing it with people who need your help. Focus on your ‘Sweet Spot’: Where your passion, experience, skills AND money overlap. THEN it’s easy to talk about.

Solo-based businesses are the most viable business models in today’s economy. It’s the perfect vehicle especially for people nearing, or already in, retirement. This unique group of people have a wealth of skills and experience. Starting and running their own business can be the secret sauce to help them bring in the income to fund a comfortable income through retirement.

One thing stops a lot of people: Small business marketing fear. We’ve been conditioned to be modest and not put yourself forward – especially women. That’s a mindset we need to confront and get over.

In today’s episode, Jackie is going to share her proven secrets to overcoming small business marketing fear.

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