• Even Employees Can Be Entrepreneurs | A Guest Post from Impact Entrepreneurs

    A note from Jackie: I was delighted to have Cindy Cooper of Portland State University’s Impact Entrepreneur program on one of my recent BSR Broadcasts. She and her team at Impact Entrepreneurs will be providing a series of guest posts over the coming weeks, and I am so grateful to be able to feature some of the wisdom from this incredible program here on the BSR blog! This post was originally found here on January 7, 2015. THIS is why you should care about entrepreneurship, even if you haven’t made the leap yet and/or are still an employee:

    Employers increasingly want to hire more entrepreneurial, more ethical, more impactful employees. And it’s no coincidence that the skills taught in Portland State University’s online Certificate in Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship (a “changemaker certificate“) match those most desired by employers. As work becomes more complex and demand for creativity and flexibility grows, the skills linked to creating positive social and environmental impact — those of a “changemaker” — increasingly overlap with those that help organizations succeed financially.

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  • BSR Broadcasts: A New Career in 5 Steps | John Tarnoff on the SKILL of Reinventing Yourself

    John Tarnoff

    A lot of us Baby Boomers feel like we’ve been forced into self-reinvention kicking and screaming. Maybe we were downsized when the economy tanked. Maybe we’ve been job-hunting for months—even years—but are struggling because of ageism in the workplace. Maybe we went ahead and retired, but then realized that Social Security simply wasn’t going to cut it.

    But what if could change our perspective?

    This week’s BSR Broadcast guest has the distinction of having been fired 39% of the time in his career, a statistic that hasforced—or empowered!—him to dig deep into the reinvention process. Today, John Tarnoff, a former media/entertainment executive, is using his background to focus on reintegrating the Baby Boom generation into the rapidly evolving 21st-century workplace. >>Read more…

  • A Tip from Jackie: Market Every Day

    Marketing all the time is the bane of solopreneurs. But think about it. What you are trying to do is be a strong voice in a very noisy and crowded market. And that takes constant effort. One of the reasons I want you to work at marketing all the time, is that mostly we do not enjoy marketing: It takes time away from our main work and often it seems like you are dropping stones in a bottomless pit. Lots of effort, no response. Just remember it will take time. Because marketing is relentless and often seems futile, it is important to remember that your marketing effort is cumulative. You are building your name and reputation one small layer at a time. Eventually it will be built strongly enough, with enough layers, that you will begin to get some return. So, keep at it. Be diligent. Do something every day. Here are a few ideas: write a blog post, call referral sources or old clients just to check in, attend a networking event, update your web site, and look for places you can speak or submit an article. Take marketing action every day.

  • BSR Broadcasts | Monetizing Your Expertise, Avoiding Financial Crises, and Taking Yourself a Little Less Seriously with Next Avenue’s Richard Eisenberg

    Richard Eisenberg

    “Take your work seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously, since life will surprise you.”

    I love that; I’ve staked my career on helping people take their work seriously and that’s a serious business. As an encore, solo, or creative entrepreneur, it can be hard to keep your work life—which may also be your passion—from bleeding into your LIFE life. It’s good to remind ourselves to take a step back and remember that life changes constantly; it’s truly full of surprises.

    I particularly love that this advice is coming from Richard Eisenberg. Richard is the Editor of the Money & Security and Work & Purpose channels for PBS’s, a site for people 50+…and he’s also this week’s BSR Broadcast guest. He’s been a Front Page Finance Editor for Yahoo!, Executive Editor for Money Magazine, Money Editor for Good Housekeeping, and a Personal Finance Reporter at USA Today (among other journalistic positions). He is also the author of How to Avoid a Midlife Financial Crisis and The Money Book of Personal Finance.

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  • Social Media: Still Not Convinced? | A Guest Post by Joshua Waldman

    A note from Jackie: A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with Joshua Waldman of Career Enlightenment on one of my BSR Broadcasts. Joshua is the author of Job Searching with Social Media for Dummies. And guess what? Social media is a vital skill, even if you aren’t hunting for “jobs”; if you’re a solo business owner looking for WORK, improving your social media skills can make or break your venture (click here to learn more about “jobs” vs. “work”). Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a series of guest posts from Joshua. This is a great opportunity to learn from a true expert! This article was originally posted here.

    I was shocked.

    I was in disbelief.

    I gave a presentation on how to use social media for a job search yesterday. I explained HOW it get’s you job interviews faster. I explained how 80% of companies use it to find their next employee. I showed why job boards don’t work. And I still got this comment response to my question: Do You Feel this Info Will Help You Find a Job Sooner?

    | I’m not convinced

    That’s fair…if you want to NEVER find a job.

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