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Over 55 and worried about money?

As a small business consultant and coach, I now work exclusively through the Small Business Development Center at Portland Community College. 503.722.5080 .

Contact them for advising with me and they will get you signed in as an SBDC Client (no cost or obligation) and connect you with me. If you contact me directly I will first make sure you have registered as an SBDC client (no cost or obligation to you).

Then I can work with you via Zoom or on the phone. There is NO CHARGE to you for using my consulting services through SBDC.

These consultations will help you uncover your strengths and talents and achieve a clear focus for your entrepreneurial path. I will show you how to narrow your product or service offerings and achieve “right pricing” so you can actually thrive doing what you love.

Together we will discover the gold in your background or your idea, and help you to build a lucrative business and/or an encore career as a solopreneur.

I look forward to talking with you.

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Jackie as a speaker and presenter

As a Presenter, I’ve led engaging, successful small business workshops around the country. Working with hundreds of businesses over the years has given me a unique understanding of the special needs and challenges of today’s solo entrepreneurs. Both highly practical and inspiring, my work has provided me with insight to see into and nurture the creative and passionate entrepreneur in each person.

More about my presentations >>> HERE.

With 30 years of experience behind me, I’m recognized as one of the leading authorities on solopreneurship. As a Speaker, I love bringing insight and inspiring success stories to audiences. I offer a wealth of practical information and cutting-edge business ideas, designed to fire the imagination of any entrepreneur.

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