Success Stories

Success Stories

David Galiel of Elbow Fish Board Games David Galiel of Elbow Fish LLC which is company that develops and publishes board games learned from the program about the “Waterbug” model, where a solo entrepreneur at the center collaborates with other independent creatives, Galiel says this model supports their goal of supporting the local creative economy.

“We have already worked with three visual artists/illustrators, two game designers, two videographers, a writer, several actors, composers, an attorney, a bookkeeper and even some goats! (Portland’s pigmy goat herd were featured in the Kickstarter video for JUX, our collaborative storytelling game).”
David Galiel
Elbow Fish LLC

Suzanne Van Slyke took Encore and Solo Business Builder, starting in mid-Jan., 2018. 
“What I learned was that having your own business after retirement is exciting, creative and stimulating. Your goals and objectives should be very defined.  Develop a very short few sentences that define what is unique about what you do.”
Suzanne Van Slyke
Support for Seniors in Transition, LLC

Origami crane made out of $100 bill

Working with Jackie is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business.” J Chapman

Keri Nelson and Jill Corona of Corona Consulting LLC say they learned these lessons from Encore/Solo Business Builders:

  • “Don’t take on a client that isn’t a good fit.
  • Focus on what you are good at, then outsource the rest.
  • Stay focused on the positives.
  • Taking this class (Encore/Solo Business Builders) was the next best step possible in our business—it really helped us focus on our messaging (our unique value proposition) and marketing.”
Keri Nelson and Jill Corona
Corona Consulting LLC

Amy-McCauleyAmy McCauley, owner of Oculus Fine Carpentry, is a conservator of historic structures. Her specialty is wood sashes on buildings built before 1854, when power tools became prevalent. Amy wasn’t always so successful or focused, though. Initially her business was simply replacing windows. Following the Better, Smarter, Richer method helped her narrow the focus of her business to a defined niche and she’s now achieved a reputation as a national conservator and expert, with a full two year calender of work.
Amy McAuley
Oculus Fine Carpentry

Origami crane made out of $100 bill

Jackie was a great fit for our community of artists and craftspeople! She had a solid understanding of the realities of our artisan businesses. Her insights inspired confidence. Her presentation was engaging and upbeat.”

David Dickinson, Daystall and Craft Program Manager
Pike Place Market

Ruth Frances Greenberg is a well-know ceramicist and sculptor. Working with the principles of Better, Smarter, Richer helped Ruth claim her expertise and the fundamental spiritual voice which resonates through her work. She is sought out to design and install one-of-a-kind fabulous mosaics in homes and commercial installations.
Ruth Frances Greenberg
RFG Tile

Linnea OsterbergLinnea Osterberg is a master at photographing children in their own surroundings. She is not only a superb photographer, but she brings both her artistic eye and her relaxed approach to her work. This allows the children to feel so at ease they let her see both who they really are now, and a glimpse of the adult they will eventually become. Ruth used the Better, Smarter, Richer principles to follow her instincts and strengths, find the right clients for her talents and to be paid what she is really worth.
Linnea Osterberg
Linnea Osterberg Photography