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Can a Good Business Book Change Your Life? Why, yes.

Cover of the Better Smarter Richer Workbook.Small Business Advice | My Seven Principles

  1. Focus on a deep narrow niche.
  2. Articulate your unique value proposition.
  3. Fend off mission creep.
  4. Develop a business mindset.
  5. Avoid the time-money squeeze.
  6. Understand your target audience.
  7. Market every day.

Better, Smarter, Richer
helps you:

  1. Focus your work in your specific field. Deep focus brings clarity – for marketing, pricing and competition. With focus comes expertise, which brings in new business.
  2. Avoid the time/money squeeze — which I define as the time spent on a project returning insufficient money to live on, while also being less than you are worth.
  3. Create a business mindset — respect the value of money personally and professionally. Become diligent about the numbers, because it is close attention to the numbers that will set you free.

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BSR PDF Download
BSR PDF Download
The pdf is formatted for easy printing on standard 8.5" x 11" paper. We have also included margin space on the left side in case you want to take it to your local printing center and have it spiral bound.
Price: $29.95
BSR Hard Copy
BSR Hard Copy
Shipped within three business days.
Price: $39.95
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Jackie, what I really love about this book is how easy it is to use. Your exercises changed the way I look at my business. So many books on making money from your own business are dense and hard to take in all at once – the ideas in your book were immediate. I’ve gone through it twice. I have struggled with so many ideas and you’ve taught me to focus and then go for my idea 100%. Thanks to the book I have doubled my fees, which means I have doubled my profits.”

– Melissa Omanga, Idaho Falls, Idaho

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