Better, Smarter, Richer: 7 Business Principles for Encore, Creative, and Solo Entrepreneurs | Downloadable


Small Business Advice | My Seven Principles
This workbook covers the seven principles to create and run your own solo-based business. You'll find exercises and checklists to get everything set up the way you need to build a thriving business.

This downloadable version is printed out on your own printer or you can take it to a copy center and have it printed and spiral bound.


Better, Smarter, Richer helps you:

  1. Learn about the experience, talent and skills you already have and how to focus your work in this specific field. This focus brings clarity, expertise and new business.
  2. Learn to charge what you’re actually worth so you can thrive doing the work you love.
  3. Create a business mindset, becoming diligent about numbers (which will set you free).

The exercises and checklists are valuable and interesting and the success stories will have you saying “I can do that!”