BSR Broadcasts: How to Align Your Career with What You Care About
The Boomerang Approach for Creating Right Livelihood at Any Age

Boomerang Approach

“My mission in life is to mobilize and lead people to create a more sustainable and socially just world.” -Reiner Lomb, Boomerang Coach

If there’s one thing human beings share, it’s this: we’re hungry for meaning. Our time on earth is limited and beyond precious, and we want our lives to matter. We spend so many of our waking hours at work that it makes sense to start there when we look at infusing our lives with purpose and beauty.

But what if you wake up one day and realize you’ve been working the same job for decades…and that it no longer lights you up? That you haven’t yet gotten to make your mark on the world? That you’re ready to make a difference?

The good news is it’s never too late.

For this week’s podcast, I sat down for a conversation with career coach and author Reiner Lomb, the mastermind behind the Boomerang Approach. The Boomerang Approach is a book and a coaching method that provides straightforward guidance to help you return to purpose, ignite your passion, and align your career with what you really care about. Like me, Reiner has worked with countless Boomers who feel stuck in their jobs, or unsure about what to do next…and, like me, he has found that everything shifts when we ask: “If you could do anything, what would it be?”

Read more about Reiner’s inspirational journey to his life’s work.

You CAN create a career you love, and it’s never too late; in fact, the “encore” years are the perfect time to embark on this journey. With a lifetime of wisdom and experience, you are truly primed to do work that matters. Listen to my conversation with Reiner for his inspiring point-of-view, some incredible success stories, and his top three tips for making your second act meaningful and full of purpose.