Testimonial: Michael Bruns took Jackie’s class; “got his work mojo back”

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Praise: Jackie shows small business owners how to create your own business based on what you do best.

It’s very common for well qualified people to find themselves with a lack of work at some point in their career.  The conventional employment model has evolved and is now less loyal and less rewarding to employee contributors than in the past.  The Encore and Solo Business Builders class taught by Jackie Peterson showed me how to create a solo business around what I am good at and like to do.  The class covers all aspects of running a small business, from mission statement to marketing, setting prices, finance, etc.  I got my work mojo back by creating my own business instead of resigning myself to a prolonged search in an unresponsive job market.
Michael Bruns
Principal Engineer
Cascade Stream LLC
503 730-6886
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