Solo Pro Radio: Lea McLeod on NOT Getting it All Done

Lea McLeod

Your power truly lies in what you control. And what you control more than anything, is you; your thoughts, your decisions, your actions. Begin there, and the world will unfold for you.
-Lea McLeod

In this day and age (and especially during this time of year!) it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There’s simply way too much to do—jobs, families, laundry, cooking, holiday shopping… How can you get it all done? It feels impossible.

But what if we’re asking ourselves the wrong question?

Meet Lea McLeod. For many years, Lea was your typical Fortune 15 executive. She ran a global team, traveled extensively, and worked a lot. Her turning point came when, out of town on business, she got a call that her husband of 24 years had unexpectedly collapsed and died. In the excruciating period that followed, she got very clear, very quickly, about what mattered and what didn’t. Spending more time at work was not what mattered. Neither did working harder or stressing out on weekends.

And something very interesting happened.

She learned how to sort the essential from everything else—and it shifted the quality of her entire life. She realized that one of the key skills we need, but almost never talk about, is identifying and managing “the most important stuff” rather than trying to “do it all.” Asking “How can I get this all done?” is the wrong question.

Lea coaches her clients to create positive shifts in their work lives has created the Job Success Lab, a 12-month live and online career coaching program that helps professionals discover their personal power at work and in their lives by teaching them how to overcome obstacles in the workplace. She was also named a Top 100 Twitter Account Job Seekers MUST Follow, as well as a Top 50 Blog for Young Careerists. She writes the Employee Advocate column for The Daily Muse (a site with tons of career and lifestyle content aimed primarily at women!) and she has also just published the Resume Coloring Book which is getting rave reviews.

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This is going to be a fascinating—and very timely—episode of Solo Pro Radio. Tune in at 11 AM PST/2 PM EST on Wednesday, December 18th  (or any time after that!) and learn how to figure out what’s really essential (and what’s not) this holiday season.