Radio Show Guest tomorrow, June 27th, is Bridget Benton

"I love what I do!" -Bridget Benton

Bridget Benton loves what she does.  In fact, she founded Eyes Aflame in 2002 just so that she could do what she loves to do.

She loves to make things.  She loves to explore and feed my curiosity.  She loves to see patterns and make connections.  And she loves to help other people make things, explore, and make connections. 

She loves that moment when someone’s eyes light up because of an insight or an inspiration.  And she loves helping someone apply that inspiration or insight to craft an innovative solution or express a deep truth.  She finally realized that creativity is the skill that ties all these loves together and makes them possible.

So she decided to study creativity in more depth.  In  2007, she earned her Master of Science degree in Creativity and Change Leadership from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at the State University of New York (SUNY), Buffalo State College campus.

She’s been doing creative work since 1988, with her first real job as a pre-press assistant.  She has been a camp counselor; an art teacher; a professional batik and silkscreen artist; a market research project manager; a slam poet; a freelance marketing, communications and administrative assistant;  a credit union audit assistant; a consultant working on quality assurance and risk management assessments; and always an entrepreneur.  Her success in each of these jobs – even those that seem highly analytical – relied on her ability to be creative….and her clients and her employers noticed.  In a good way!

Now, she not only gets to use her creative skills, but she gets to combine them with her almost 20 years of hands-on experience in marketing, research, and business processes in various industries to help people develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills and apply them effectively.  And as a HUGE BONES she still gets to make things.

Bridget Benton loves what she does.  

Tune in Wednesday, June 27th to be inspired by Bridget’s passion for creativity in every aspect of her life and how you can make creativity work for you!!!  at 10AM PDT