“7 Blocks to Living the Creative Life: Part I” by guest blogger Donn Rochlin


We are thrilled to be featuring a seven-part series of guest posts by coach Donn Rochlin of Living the Creative Life. Check back each week for the next “block”…and advice on overcoming it.

All human beings are born with the gift of creativity. It is either developed or lost through lack of use. Following is the first of seven blocks that often show up for those who choose the creative path. Each block is seeded with an inspirational perspective to give encouragement and hope.


One of the common blocks among creative minds is comparison and self-judgment. When I’m not grounded in who I am, thoughts of low self-esteem, self-condemnation and fear run rampant. All of a sudden I find myself standing next to the greatest, most accomplished, admired, wealthiest, creative person in the world and thinking, “I’ll never be this!” The truth and the grace is…I NEVER WILL be this, but there is a chance I could be me! I once heard it stated eloquently: “Be yourself; everyone else is taken!” When I focus on my gifts, my interest, my goals, I don’t have space for comparison. Focusing on me is a form of worship: it is an act of gratitude, an acknowledgment of what Spirit, God, The Force (whatever you want to call it) has given in me. When I start feeling “the lie” infect my thinking, thoughts crop up like, “Where was I the day they passed out talent and genius?” or “Where do you think you’re going, you can’t compete with that!” This is where I need to back up, note what is working in my life, and remember the trite but ever so true cliché, “Do the best with what you have.” The objects of my admiration and praise, as great as they may seem, can never create expressions of my unique and personal experiences and perceptions! If I create a true expression of my feelings with two chords on the piano, who’s to say that it is less valid then Beethoven’s 5th Symphony? You may enjoy his expression more, but neither of us is less of an Artist as long there is truth in our expression. No matter what your creative medium is, there will always be more advanced people in your field. But remember, saying what you feel and saying it in your own way gives you the creative license to drive on the same road as the best of them.

donn rochlin

Donn Rochlin coaches artists, musicians, writers, performers, speakers, and entrepreneurs at Living the Creative Life, and has been a professional musician for over 25 years.  You can reach him at 503-539-9153 or donnroc [at] ccountry [dot] net.