“7 Blocks to Living the Creative Life: Part IV” by guest blogger Donn Rochlin


We are thrilled to be featuring a seven-part series of guest posts by coach Donn Rochlin of Living the Creative Life. Check back each week for the next “block”…and advice on overcoming it.

All human beings are born with the gift of creativity. It is either developed or lost through lack of use. Following is the fourth of seven blocks that often show up for those who choose the creative path. Each block is seeded with an inspirational perspective to give encouragement and hope.


Faith is defined as: “A firm belief in something of which there is no proof.” Faith asks a lot. Things like gravity, heat, cold, and taxes are easier to believe in. They are just there no matter what. We can feel them and experience their presence. The creative process is all about faith. When you take your paintbrush or guitar or computer or dancing shoes and begin to create, it’s like jumping into a vat of uncertainty. The first stage of creation is always chaos. The only way through this essential stage is trusting that inspiration and direction are on the way. Have faith in the creative process; eventually this becomes a knowing and can be easier to move through. In the more general terms of creating what you want in your life—more peace, more income, connecting with your ideal clients and customers, doing what you love as your full time work—it’s good to have faith and lots of it. It’s very difficult to have the faith you need when you do not understand why things happen the way they do. When you keep bumping up against obstacles or are living the same financial and/or relationship challenges day after day, month after month, faith can begin to wane. Self-doubt and discouragement start looming around. The law of attraction teaches that as I raise my vibration by finding thoughts that make me feel better, my life will get better. When I’m connected to “source energy” (God), I will see evidence of that which I desire. Usually the first evidence is not the money I have asked for, or my new bride showing up on my doorstep, or my new car, or the inspiration for a masterpiece…but my first evidence is, I feel better! Before I see it in the physical, I start to notice better feelings. It is much easier to maintain my faith when I have a basis for faith. My basis is a universal law that does not fail as long as I’m reaching for better feelings. Remember money loves a good party; happy, enduring relationships show up where there is already love. As I cultivate better feelings, faith becomes a natural part of my positive expectations. When I work from source energy, there is no blind faith. My faith becomes a knowing that things will work, it is no longer a speculation, or calculated risk. I know when I ask, then set up my field of magnetic attraction though my good feelings, it is just a matter of time. In this time I watch for synchronization and magical moments, I notice my feelings shifting, I stayed tuned in to the clues of manifestation all around me, and I begin to assume the position of having what I want.

donn rochlin

Donn Rochlin coaches artists, musicians, writers, performers, speakers, and entrepreneurs at Living the Creative Life, and has been a professional musician for over 25 years. You can reach him at 503-539-9153 or donnroc [at] ccountry [dot] net.