A filmmaker starts to charge what he is worth!

I love to hear reader stories. I have heard so many in the past 20 years about people whom I tell about the ideas in Better, Smarter, Richer and I just watch the light click on! It was the same for Wes.  

Wes is a very, very talented film maker. But as you can imagine, making money in the feature film industry is not always easy. I know he will do it, but for now he wants to use his talents to make smaller films and get paid for his business work. He asked if it is mission creep ( a concept in the  book) if he took work on smaller projects and I said, “No, you are still doing creative films in the business world. This will make it possible for you to work on your bigger projects. If you told me you were putting your dreams away to film weddings in order to make a living, I would call that mission creep!”

Wes found quite an amazing job.  He is working for a publishing company that makes feature videos about the authors that look like television shorts. It’s creative and definitely work he can use on his resume in order to avoid the time money squeeze and get what he is worth! I think the book saved Wes from charging too little and moving into the wrong field. He is a movie maker! There is always a way to reach your dream.


PS: Here is a Wes update. He is started to get more offers for corporate work- it’s still artistic enough to keep him on his path, but he has no idea what to charge.  He first told me that his price was $20 an hour!  If you have read the book, you are cringing now! I told Wes that with his talents his STARTING price should be $50 an hour and he can go from there.  I will keep you posted on what happens!