Announcing: Accountability Cohorts for Better, Smarter, Richer Members

Announcing:  Accountability Cohorts for Better Smarter Richer members

We all have hopes, dreams and ambitions. But that is not enough.  We have to take the next step and turn our dreams into goals and turn the goals into actions and take the steps one by one to turn our goals into reality.  But achieving success depends on taking action!   It will not work to simply envision the future we want.  We have to take concrete steps, one after the other to manifest the reality we want and envision.

It is hard for everyone to take those steps, to stay on focus, to stay on course and to slog through the activities it takes to follow our star.  The reality of manifesting our dreams can be daunting.  For this reason, in 2013 I am introducing a new Better Smarter Richer program:

I am offering the first phone based accountability cohort starting January 21, 2013

Here is how the program will work:

  • Each accountability cohort will be no fewer than 4 and no more than 8 participants.
  • Phone meetings will be 4-5:30 P.m. Pacific Standard Time.
  • When you sign up for the group, you will complete an application as well as make a commitment about what goal(s)- no more than three- that you want to work on over our time together.
  • During the phone call, you will have specific time for you to share with the cohort your goal and what steps you have taken since our last conversation to move realizing your goal forward.
  • At the start of each meeting you will be asked about those steps to which you committed last time, and have to report to the cohort whether or not you did the actions to which you committed.
  • I will facilitate the phone calls- three hours per month on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month for 90 minutes.
  • Each person will get (it will be timed) 12-15 minutes of individual time during each phone call.

Each participant will commit to me as group facilitator and advisor and to a cohort of others, who care about them and want to help them take the necessary next steps to success and will also hold them accountable to do what they said they would do.

The program will cost $65 per month per participant and will require a 6 month commitment.

Now is the time to be thinking about your goals for 2013 and how you can make it your best year ever.  I know many of you are on the brink of doing great things.  .  On the phone calls we will polish unique value proposition statements, share resources for success, explore thinking blocks that prevent you from claiming your mastery and charging enough money.

The coming year is your opportunity to take the next steps that you need to take to achieve your dreams and become Better Smarter and Richer!! Join me on January 21 and let’s make it happen!

Email me at to commit to accomplish your goals in 2013!  Let’s do it together!