Are you charging what you are worth?


Jackie "Raise Your Prices" Peterson

“Are You Charging What You Are Worth?” 

I have been giving this presentation for the last year and it has been wildly successful.  Over the last 30 years I have been able to help creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs raise their prices and make the money they deserve.  I have had such great response to this presentation that I’m going to give you some of the most helpful hints and tips on my radio show tomorrow morning (Wednesday, July 11th at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT).  

 This will be a radio show you will not want to miss and you will want to tell your friends about.


I will answer these and many more questions:

– Is there a better way to price myself besides a $/per/hour rate?

– Do I want to be the lowest price in my field?

– Should I start out with a lower price and then raise my prices later?

– What is the biggest thing that holds a solopreneur/creative entrepreneur back from making the money they are worth?

– What are the top 2 action plans I must do every day to succeed?

– What are the unseen consequences for not charging what I am worth?

You can listen on your computer at and you can also listen through your phone, details for how to do this are found on the W4WN website.

 You are also welcome to call in and ask questions or email them over to me before the show.  Live call in number is 561-422-4365 and there is a live chat always happening on the website that you are welcome to join in on as well.

 I’m excited to give you some advice that my clients have found invaluable.  Join me…

Have more questions??  Ask below or call in……………..