BSR Newsletter #2: Finding More Customers

Finding more customers seems to be the bane of every creative’s existence. They are very worried about how and where to find the people who will buy what they sell. Most creatives I know say they hate marketing. Maybe you do too. But I like to think of marketing as a challenge. I ask myself, “How can I find the right people for my product so I can share with them how wonderful it is and how it will make a difference in their lives?”

Here is what I know to be true about finding more customers. The place to begin is where you are now. What that means is start by looking deeply and carefully at the customer base you already have. They will give you some clues about how to find more people like them. So start with the people who already love and support you and your work. Here is one tip to help you begin finding more customers.

Ask yourself: Who are my current customers? What is their particular demographic? By that I mean age, gender, career, ethnicity, neighborhood, life style, career, interests, activities, etc. Slice your customer list as thin as you can. Look for patterns. Do you have a group of 30-somethings who are very interested in the environment who are your clients? Do you have several clients who you can trace back to one event or one referral source? Do you have some repeat customers who have purchased from you again and again? As you can see, my suggestion is to squeeze every drop of rich information out of your current customer list, then use it.

If you have several strong referral sources, start with them. (Always thank your referral sources personally, stay in contact with them and keep track of them!) These are clearly people who love you and your work already and want to see you be successful- after all they are willing to put their own reputation on the line by referring you to others. Contact these special people. Thank them for their past support. Tell them you are working to expand your business and are seeking more wonderful clients like them. Ask them for additional referrals or contacts. If they do not have ideas for you right now, know that at the least you have moved yourself back into “front of mind” with them and they will take action and mention you the next time they have the opportunity.

Remember; your referral sources are gold. Because they have already helped you they have an emotional investment in you- they want you to succeed. Stay close to them. Send them updates about your work and how it is progressing. Keep them in the loop.
They will help you find more customers.

More tips and ideas coming soon in my book Better Smarter Richer.