Encore Entrepreneurs Inspiration: Jim Newcomer coaches sustainable and local companies

Jim Newcomer helps local and sustainable companies succeed through his small business Balance Breakthrough Coaching

What the Business Does: Coaching services for “businesses with purpose,” focusing on helping sustainable, socially- and/or locally-minded companies succeed.  “My calling is to support clients in succeeding: retaining their commitment, surviving as a business, and making a living.”

What makes it successful: Jim has a passion for learning.  Ha earned three degrees by the time he was 40.  Despite years of experience, he is constantly refining his vision while gaining new skills.  Webinars, guidance from the Small Business Development Center, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems Renewal all contributed to enhancing his skills.

Re-invention, re-creation, and re-imagination: Jim is a Portland, Oregon native.  He spent decades exploring the globe, serving overseas a as Foreign Service Officer, teaching international relations at three state universities, and doing community organizing, he came back home and turned to a whole new world – business.

He tried to start a company and failed many times.  But he learned from every mistake, and began to refine his vision, focusing ever more narrowly on environmentalism and sustainability.  His last “real company” produced flooring made from reclaimed materials, the company was bought-out, and Jim stayed on as a marketing manager, and business boomed.

During this time he earned his Master’s degree, and worked briefly has a business coach.  He then found his niche as the face behind Balance Breakthrough Coaching, where Jim uses his education, experience  – including the failures! – and passion for sustainability and social activism.  He also teaches as an adjunct faculty member at Marylhurst University.

When asked why he was drawn to Encore Entrepreneurship, Jim gave the standard answer: “I’ve always needed to make a living.”  Despite having social security and a little retirement from teaching, he knew he couldn’t right away.

But money was not the only motivator; Jim was passionate about what he was doing.

BSR Take Away: Jim is still exploring, even though things have fallen into place.  One of his coaching clients is an energy healer and wants to work with businesses in systemic transformation.   It is exciting to see how this next chapter turns out.