Colleen Bourassa, owner of Ageless Beauty & Wellness says there is no expiration date on your ability to contribute.

Aging gracefully, the importance of planning what you do when you retire, and other tips by Colleen Bourassa

Colleen credits Jackie with good questions to ask before starting a venture.

Name of Business: Ageless Beauty & Wellness

Photo of woman with white hair, wearing a blue scarf.

Colleen Bourassa, owner of Ageless Beauty & Wellness.

Years in business: 11 years
What the business does:
I am 68 years old and I want women to know there is no expiration date on their ability to contribute – I model and have a pageant title as Chinese Rose Queen in 2019, which supports worldwide environmental awareness and what we can do to help. The pageant is inclusive of ages 6 years old and up and includes representation of diverse cultures, from places such as India, Africa, Mexico, Indigenous Alaskans, China, Europe, and others.

I won four medals in LA in 1-20 at the International Modeling and Talent Association, participated in an African Fashion show in 10-20, and had several pictures published in the NW Modeling Magazine Black & White edition in 12-20. I am a guest on podcasts with a variety of subjects including mindset, aging gracefully, and the importance of planning what you will do with your time in retirement.

Also, I have a direct marketing business in skincare and wellness and am a product of the products I sell.

How did you start your business?
A friend introduced me to Nu Skin products and I appreciated them enough to want to share them with others.

What were you doing before? 

My background is in Long Term Care. I pioneered Adult Foster Care for Alzheimer’s and hospice care patients in Washington County in 1988. I founded Health Care Institute so that my non-native English speakers could be supported in becoming Certified Nurse’s Aides.

In 1995 I went back to school and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Supervision. In 1996 I became a Disability Benefits Analyst for a large insurance company. While working full-time I also enrolled in Portland State University, earned my Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling and Certification as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in 2002. I completed an International Coaching Certification as a Career Coach in 2002 as well. I continued to work full-time at the insurance company and set up my own LLC as Career Maps Coaching serving State Of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation clients.  Additionally, I worked with Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation clients.

When the 2008 recession hit, there was no public money. That’s when I was introduced to direct marketing and became very interested in innovative products for aging well.

What is working now?
There is a new awareness about the importance of a healthy body and mind since the pandemic and more interest in online home-based businesses.

How did working with Jackie help your business?

I loved Jackie’s questions about choosing the right marketing tools for my business.

Will this:

Form professional connections and increase my client base?

Provide a measurable financial reward?

Allow me to represent my work clearly and professionally with a minimum amount of time?

I see immediate results?

Does this fit my budget?

Generate more clients for me?

Additionally: Is this a good use of my time?  Are there better and possibly less expensive options to try?

Take away/Lessons learned/Advice:
Having multiple streams of income is more important than ever in maintaining financial independence. Having a healthy body and mind gives me the freedom to live well.

And finally,

  • Always be curious.
  • Say yes to new opportunities to at least explore them before you decide on whether or not it is a good fit – ask “tell me more” questions.
  • Read every day.
  • Take a class each quarter to expand your knowledge.
  • Be a part of multi-generation groups with diverse cultures.

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