Creative Says No to Big Order

I just met with a client who is an extremely talented designer and seamstress pondering how to grow her business. She received a large order and figuring out how to produce it put her at a cross roads having to make a crucial decision: Does she want to hire employees and develop a larger business or is her goal to BE the business and keep her production small, special and focused? She decided to turn down the large order so that she could develop her business doing “work from her heart,” not doing work that would be lucrative but repetitive, boring and most importantly, not the exact work she wants to do. She has been developing her vision statement. Here is what she has decided: ” I am a designer creating products from recycled fibres.” This does not sound like a production shop to me. She is very brave and strong to take these steps to follow her dream and make her business exactly what SHE wants, not what others want her to be.