Do You Suffer from Mission Creep?

Principle #3 in the book is called Mission Creep. What a great term to describe what often happens to creative entrepreneurs. You are all so talented with so many ideas that they can often take you in too many directions. When mission creep happens, you may have three ‘businesses’ or more that peak your interest.  But I ask you this. Can you really give all of your time and talents to three businesses? Doesn’t it make more sense to choose one and really make it work? I think so. All and I mean all of the creative entrepreneurs I work with have a bit of mission creep in all that they do. Doing the exercises in the workbook can help you see if you suffer from mission creep- itis! Here is a workbook example from my client Allen. She loves all of her work- but as you can see- she’s spread in so many directions, it’s simply not possible for her to be a true success!  The exercise helped her change and that is exciting!