Encore Entrepreneur Inspiration: Bill Saphir’s Change Management Consulting Services small business

Bill Saphir’s business, William H. Saphir, LLC, provides change management consulting services to healthcare providers, focusing on supply chain process.

Bill describes his chronological age as 70.  Then he adds,”I don’t think I look that old nor do I feel it!”

What the business does: His business is still in the beginning stages, but has found people interested in the concept.  He has been working with Jackie on honing his focus and developing his presentation skills.

Re-visiting, Re-creation, and Re-imaging: Bill has a solid background in business and healthcare.  He has three college degrees, including two master’s degrees. Bill has over thirty years of leadership and management experience.  He has worked for Cardinal Health and for a large urban teaching hospital.  He thought about how to put the pieces together.

“The supply chain,” he writes,”is a continuous loop of three components – supplies, information, and money – going back and forth between a consumer, a buyer, a distributor, and a manufacturer.”  Identifying his target as the healthcare market Bill considered how the consumer’s information could reduce the cost of supplies.

Demand Planning is a concept that utilizes in information based on future demand for supplies.  Instead of filling storeroom shelves based on historic trends.  This concept is still being used in the healthcare world but the consumer is being left out.  Bill’s business concept; “Utilizing my consulting services in change management, my concept brings the consumer into the arena which benefits all the Supply Chain components.” This produces greater efficiencies throughout the system which translates to less waste and lower operating costs for all the players.

The BSR take away: Bill used his rock-solid understanding of business and health care to craft a compelling business concept that is beginning to gain traction.  Look back at your history, think about what you can do, are good at, and love to do.  Then start researching the market.  When those all come together, you are really in business.