Hello Creative Entrepreneurs

Many creative entrepreneurs have no idea how to turn the art they love to do into a livelihood. They work very hard but they cannot find the right formula for success. The problem is that no matter how hard you work you cannot work enough hours or charge enough money per job to create a viable enterprise that makes you a good living unless you find a way to break into the “big time.”

After many failed attempts creatives often give up trying to support themselves through their creative work, and exhausted and discouraged, they relegate their art to the back ground… go get a “day job” or choose to live poor as a “starving artist.” But when a creative gives up, we all lose. What differentiates the creative entrepreneurial business is that they are bursting with energy, ideas, innovation and the drive to create a product, rather than to build a traditional audience. The whole economy needs that creativity and innovation- it is the engine that drives the entire system.

I am a CPA, business owner, writer, and business advisor who has worked with hundreds of creatives for over 25 years. My clients have included photographers, fine artists, designers (web, fabric, graphics, jewelry and fashion) performing artists, casting directors, puppeteers, and sculptors as well as writers and consultants. Early in my career I offered my clients traditional advice about building a creative business and was frustrated because for so many that did not work.

But over the years, and with changes in technology that have allowed the artist to easily reach broad markets and find his or her target customers, a model for a successful creative enterprise, centered on the artist, is emerging. This blog is devoted to articulating that model and through our conversations, fine tuning it for all. I want to hear from you and to learn about the challenges you are having in your creative business. We will talk about focus, pricing for value, marketing ideas, reaching your target audience, using technology, how to get the business help you need and many other topics.