Important tools for creatives

I met with a new client last week. She is working as the development director for a new school. She is very talented at what she does. But, it turns out, she is really a writer. She wrote a book about her life experiences and how she broke through abuse and fear to become her own person and therfore a powerful woman. She certainly took her power. She self published her book and sold 45,000 copies about 10 years ago. But she ran out of money and energy and finally took a “real job” But now, with the power of the internet, blogs, web sites, pod casts, and teleconferences, she is excited about her book again. The message of the book is timeless so it will still be relevant today. What is different is that the tools to market have changed. Now she can “sell to the whole world” because of the electronic tools available to her. She is once again excited by the prospect of being able to focus on what she loves most. She is going to quit her job and once more devote her time and energy to her passion: marketing her book.

This is an important lesson for all of us creatives. Today, like never before, we have an entirely new arsenal of marketing tools at hand. We can be specialists and still find a broad enough market for our work because we can ” sell to the whole world”.