It’s hard to start a business in an uncharted field… scary too!


Hi Jackie,

I used to be very upset with myself for charging so little for what I knew was some really great work. I am one of the only people in my field- it’s so new.  And yet, just like you said,  I constantly did too much and spread myself too thin with too many projects. I started to read Better, Smarter, Richer as soon as I got it off the site, and then put it down for a few months! It was scary- how could I have worked this long and not seen why things were not going well? I realized that this is the career I want, so I had better learn more ways to be successful.

I finally  did the entire book. I am now 100% more focused on my niche work- as you say in the first chapter. I no longer have mission creep (love that term!) and I am going to be the best at what I do. Thank you Jackie for helping me see that I can make a living with a non traditional publishing business. I am so glad I don’t have to rent an office and hire a ton of people- I now know I can reach my goals on my own. I am still very nervous- can I do this?  The ePublshing world doesn’t even have a map. You helped me realize that maybe I can be the one to create the map! I think I would rather be scared and ask the question, Can I do this?!!

….. than not doing it and one day say to myself: why didn’t I do this?!

James Lafinly
ePublisher of mysteries