Encore Entrepreneurs Stories: James Pedersen’s response to retirement crisis with his small firm Investra

Investra founder, owner James Pedersen

James Pedersen founded Investra to help people maximize their retirement.

James (Jim) Pedersen decided to take action with the retirement crisis when he experienced life changing events.  The result of that action was Investra when he was 37.

What the business does: Jim helps people with retirement.  Most people will not have enough money by the time they would generally be ready to retire.  “My program shows them how they will be able to have enough and have control over their investments as they are progress towards retirement.” Specifically:

  1.  Shows people how to keep track of their retirement and other investments to make sure they are performing at the rate that they should be.
  2. It shows them a simple way to determine on a monthly basis how their investment is doing.  A simple form has been developed  in order to be able to do this tracking.
  3. It shows them how to keep track of their individual investments letting them know which investments look promising.
  4. It teaches how to research and accurately make accurate investment decisions.
  5. Jim does not charge for these services.

Jim’s Story of Re-Vision, Re-Creation:

A long time math and science teacher, Jim Pedersen found himself in a situation where he wanted to educate people about managing their retirement.  Specifically those who worked in the non-profit sector enrolled in 403b pension plans.  He, also realized that so few people aged 50 have even $10,000 in retirement.

His wife’s disability was an event that urged him to take action.  He had a brick and mortar insurance and brokerage firm.  He sold it after he recovered from heart surgery and when his wife’s care need increased.

Jim learned about a software program that analyzes mutual funds, and he boiled it down to a simple teaching template.  He was able to take the complex to a simple form.  He developed a second form to help decide Where to put the money afterward?  “No one keeps track of their retirement largely due to lack of education.”  James adds: “If you worked at your first job the way you worked at your second job – your retirement – would you be fired?”

The Future: Jim’s company is still in start up phase.  But it is evident that he was able to apply skills of education and math and science.  All of those experiences together are working for him to create a service for something timely such as the retirement crisis.  He helps others and he can then help himself.

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