Lisa Titan’s St. Johns Boxing business helps those making lifestyle changes due to the pandemic

Lisa Titan had a vision to open a boxing facility. She was able to quit her day job and now runs St. Johns Boxing.

Name of Business: St. Johns Boxing

Years in business: 7 ½ months.

What the business does: It is a western-style boxing gym offering classes and training.

What were you doing prior to your current venture? I worked in community justice.

How did you come up with this business?  I think most of us made some serious lifestyle changes due to the pandemic. One of mine was to practice boxing skills with a trainer in a playground instead of a gym. A boxing gym that I had been attending had closed due to the pandemic.

At that same playground, I would see other members of our old gym, and eventually, we had a scheduled time to meet at the playground to practice boxing together. I found a nearby dance studio space to rent by the hour and started hosting boxing classes 3 nights a week with the same trainers that we had at the closed boxing gym. At this point, I did also register with the state as a business and acquired the appropriate insurance to conduct formal boxing training.

Our boxing community seemed strong and after 6 months in the studio space, I took a risk and signed a lease at a nearby commercial space. This was a space of our own where we could have more classes and equipment.  My objective as a business owner is to facilitate the growth of a boxing community that values all its members and would include and support anyone interested in practicing the sport of boxing. At the same time, it is the community of boxers from the old gym that supports me in this business endeavor. They support me primarily because they value what they once had at the old gym which was a space where all were accepted and encouraged to practice boxing together. In addition, I credit the support of my husband and family who also contributed greatly to the opportunity to start a new boxing gym.

What is working now? What are your successes? The team of trainers working at St. Johns Boxing is excellent and represents the larger boxing community that was at the old boxing gym. We are also extremely fortunate in having a perfect location and facility that has wonderful owners and potential for growth.

How did you work with Jackie? Jackie has been a mentor to me for the past several months.

Take away/lessons learned/advice: Jackie began mentoring me when I was poised to give up completely on this endeavor. She advised me to stay strong and not give up. She always pushes me to stay focused on the positive and remember to keep my self-esteem up.
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Lisa Titan of St. Johns Boxing

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