Encore Entrepreneurs: Jim Logan saw a need for personalized spiritual consultation and founded SoulVentures

Taking a leap of faith in a tough job market lead to starting personalized spiritual consultation service. 

Name of business: SoulVentures

What the business does:  Jim Logan, 54, operates outside formal religious structures. He provides person-structured spiritual consultation and ceremonies. Especially those marking life’s key transitions.  Categories include weddings, funerals, “living funerals,” the welcoming of a new child.  Jim works with anyone regardless of spiritual orientation or religious background.  “The practice at SoulVentures is based on the belief that spirituality is natural and innate to each person and is cultivated within their own experience.”

What makes is successful: In a word – courage.  Jim decided to embark on a career transitionTook time to look at his life and think about issues that needed addressing.  He assessed his skills and preferences, and carefully analyzed their relationship to the job market.  He moved to Portland in 2010 and faced a tough job market.  Networking was not working.

Then a close friend suggested that he pursue his passion, and trust that the money will follow.  He took the leap.

Re-invention, re-creation, and re-imagination: Jim started out has an ordained minister and had served in that capacity for more than two decades.  He finally realized

It was not an easy journey.  Facing a tough job market, a diagnosis for prostate cancer, and some scattered contract work here and there, his true niche was still eluding him.  It was only when a good friend challenged him to live his passion that the pieces started falling into place.

Jim writes, “I believe each person should be respected for the unique personality and individual spiritual leanings and gifts.”

SoulVentures started from that core vision.  Jim works as a spiritual consultant and facilitator of personalized ceremonies.  He draws on “connecting the dots between the details of a ceremonial celebration and the major events of people’s lives.”  His training in  spiritual guidance is based on Ignatian (Jesuit) spirituality.  He has adopted his approach for anyone regardless of spiritual/religious background.

When he works with a client at SoulVentures, Jim begins with each client’s personal experience.  This helps the client “choose to stay more intentionally connected to their passion and purpose.”

BSR Take Away:  SoulVentures is built on a strong foundation of personal integrity and courage.  Jim’s wise philosophy about spirituality applies to your career as well: it should be innate and natural to your personality.  It should be as unique and special as you are.

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