Pinterest Interest…..

What’s all the interest in Pinterest?  (Guest Blog from Sheri Joi)

Pinterest Interest

What's the Interest in Pinterest?

Pinterest is the 3rd fastest growing social website in the world.  Pinterest is a creative entrepreneur’s dream for marketing and could very well turn into your nightmare of lost time if you let it suck you in but in such a good way of delicious visual indulgence.

So what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a bulletin board, remember the one you had in the kitchen with push pins….. you would pin up new recipes you wanted to try, articles you wanted to read, things you needed to remember and beautiful pictures of places you wanted to visit…. This is exactly what Pinterest is and the great thing is that you get to see all of your friend’s bulletin boards too.

Now, my advice is to let yourself have a freebie the first time you visit Pinterest and just have fun, set a time limit (be generous) and just scroll down through the hundreds of wonderful pictures, words, recipes, etc.   This is like Disneyland for the senses so hang on and have fun!   The second time you visit Pinterest, put on your marketing hat and look at it with fresh eyes.  What are the things that are catching your attention and why?   How are others using pictures and words to get attention?  This is how you can use Pinterest to get your brand known, using the pictures, words and other things that catch your attention to draw people back to your blog or website is the key to using Pinterest to attract people you wouldn’t usually have access to.  The great thing is if you can get a really good ‘pin’ then your friends will ‘pin’ it on their board where their friends will see it and the potential starts becoming limitless as it begins to get ‘pinned’ on boards all over the world.  Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words so choose your pictures and words carefully and always make sure they lead the ‘pinner’ back to YOU.  Branding, branding, BRANDING!!!

The basics of signing up and getting started are fairly simply and I’m sure there are many tutorials so I’m not going to get into that here.  But one tip I will give you is to make sure you “add” the “pin it” button to your web browser so that you can then ‘pin’ anything you find on the web to your board, especially great pictures from your website…..hopefully your own creative ideas!!!   Before long you will start ‘following’ people and they will start ‘following’ you, don’t worry it’s not creepy, it’s a good thing!   Keep your content signature to what your passion is so that people get a flavor for what you are all about.

So!!!  That is what I have found interesting while Pinteresting so what do you think?  Have you had any success with Pinterest?  Please share your ideas below or on our Facebook site so together we can all be BETTER, SMARTER and RICHER with the great new digital, social expansion for creative’s.

For another great article on Pinterest, visit Zeke Camusio’s blog on How To Promote Your Business on Pinterest, Zeke is the CEO of The Outsourcing Company and a genius at social media.

Happy “pinning”!!!

-Sheri Joi