Solo Business Stories: Need help writing a personal history? Zoe Morrison’s My Beautiful Life Story does just that.

Need help writing a personal history?  Read how Zoe Morrison’s business does that.

Name of business: My Beautiful Life Story
Years in business: The personal history aspect as a hobby, since 2007. As a business, 2 years.  Telling businesses stories: 12 years
What the business does:  Help individuals and business find and tell their unique stories.
How did you end up doing this business?
“As a child I was always intrigued by family photos, though when my father died I was at the fledgling stage of a career renaissance. During that time, my brother passed on a shoe box that had significant family photos. These held many family puzzles and stories for me.  I scanned the photos, and realized I’d been estranged from a large part of my family history.”
Zoe discovered that she could help others tell their family stories.  “Life and work began to evolve as I sorted through the stories behind these mystery photos and the story-telling puzzles clients would present to me to solve.”
 Were you doing something different prior to what you are doing now?  “Yes.  I just wrapped up a 7 year part-time contract stint as executive assistant to a real estate developer. Prior to that I had been involved in food service for about 30 years (having been a chef and trainer for the last 10 years of my career).”
What is working now? “I am committed to developing a series of workshops for 2020 and being more strategic.  I have been reaching out more to my network for a volunteer gig I am involved in.”  She adds, “Developing relationships including folks willing to mentor and encourage.”
What are your successes? 
  • Filling the speaker’s roster for 2020 for the Association of Home Businesses organization before the end of the year
  • Staying connected to a network where we share resources and cross promote one another
What are you still working on? “I am looking for my tribe.  I feel like I need to build my audience base and I am having a difficult time finding folks who resonate with my work.”  Despite those things, Zoe remains optimistic.
She’s also working with Jackie on her Unique Value Proposition.
Take Away/Advice/Lessons Learned: 
  • Network mindfully
  • Keep professional development and personal development part of daily activities.
  • Stay productive by working smarter not harder.
  • Find mentors
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