Solo Business Stories: Why David Kavanaugh’s vision is important for musicians

Photo of Musicians' Club of Oregon Shop

Photo of Musicians’ Club of Oregon Shop. David Kavanaugh, owner.

Musicians' Club of Oregon logo

Musicians’ Club of Oregon logo

David Kavanaugh saw a need in the music community.  He found an innovative way to do this with the Musicians’ Club of Oregon.

Name of Business: Musicians’ Club of Oregon

The Path that Led to the Business Formation: Where could musicians go to meet other musicians?  Where could they practice in a dress rehearsal-like setting?  If you have been told you cannot carry a tune, where could you go to get encouragement?

Vision: Seeing a gap for musicians to get together and learn from one another in non-judgmental setting led to the beginning of the Musicians’ Club of Oregon.  David Kavanagh’s vision brings musicians together.

David discovered the Small Business Development Center, and took intensive classes from Jackie.  It took a bit of exploring to narrow down what exactly what this music club would look like but with Jackie’s help, he laser beamed in on what to do.

He wants to base the club around performance.  He says the club is like to musicians’ only night clubs in the 30’s.


  •  Equip a facility with guitars, amplifiers and other gear and instruments for people to use.
  •  Monthly memberships.
  •  Self-service recording studio.
  • Two stages in the facility.
  • One acoustic area.

The business model is based on the gym model, based on David’s background.  He liked the community built around working out, and wants to transfer that to the music club.

UPDATE:  Musician’s Club of Oregon is now **CLOSED**.  Wishing David the best.

Take Away/Advice:   David stresses, “Be specific about what you want to do. Use your passion, not the money, to drive it to where you will be successful.  If you use your passion, you will see your dreams become a reality.  That’s where you will see your success.”

Jackie has many classes coming up.  Visit the events page to sign up!