Talented Graphic Designer must Focus

I met with an extremely talented graphic designer last week. She shared her vision for her work which was truly inspiring. She wants to design for unique, lifestyle products and present them graphically with beautiful logos and designs. But, she tells me she is also trying to launch a branding collaborative that is seeking larger, more national clients. Sadly, she said, neither business is going anywhere. This is not surprising. She must choose to focus on one business or the other; her graphic design business or the branding collaborative. If she does not focus on just one, most likely neither enterprise will thrive. This is not a character flaw; it is simply that there is not enough time to give two businesses the attention and care they need to grow and develop. We cannot divide our efforts and find financial success. You can do two things sequentially, but not simultaneously and expect success. A choice must be made. Choose the one for which you have talent, passion and that has the best financial outlook.