Top 10 Things You Need to Tell Your Web Designer


Do you know what you need to tell your web designer?

Guest blog from Ian Henderson, Web Designer and Founder of Hendersonian Design.

Whenever someone asks me to give them an estimate for designing their website, I always meet with them in person and ask 10 important questions. The answers give me a good snap shot of the client’s needs so I can write up an accurate proposal.

Before you approach a designer, answer the following questions and present the information to them. You’ll be more prepared, and the designer will be happy you have put some thought into the project already.

1) What top 3 problems is this project going to address for you?

 2) How large is the project? Website only, or do you also need a logo, stationery, and collateral?

 3) What target audience are you aiming to attract and where are they located?

 4) Do you promote your business beyond your website? Do you have a presence on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?

 5) What is the main thing you want your visitors to do on your site?

 6) Do you plan to sell products, classes, or events on your site? Do you need special forms other than a standard contact form?

 7) Do you need special features on your site such as a members only section, password protected material, etc?

 8) Do you want to post videos, or external news feeds on your site?

 9) Do you already have a web hosting account with someone? If so, which company?

 10) Are you going to have a blog on your site? Or do you have one already? If so, where is it hosted?

Being prepared with the answers to these questions will give a designer a great idea of what components need to be included in your website.