What do you REALLY want to DO? by guest blogger Fay Putnam

Fay Putnam teaches her students how to communicate with authenticity, becoming more confident, inspired and inspiring.

Fay Putnam teaches her students how to communicate with authenticity, becoming more confident, inspired and inspiring.

A video I saw online this morning gave me pause. The narrator was asking the question, “what would you really want to do, if $ were no object?” As this question comes up concerning our career choices, how many of us have really asked and then answered that question honestly? I can say that I have pondered it often, but I can’t honestly say I have always come up with a definitive answer. That is, one single answer which would be IT. I think I have come close. There have been recent articles in the news about Encore Entrepreneurs; adults between 45-65+ who are forced from their previous work or have decided to make the big change and “do” what they have always dreamed of doing. The fact is that this is one of the fastest growing demographics today and I would guess that many are asking and endeavoring to answer that question about “what they REALLY want to do!”

We evolve and grow as human beings or maybe more idealistically, we should evolve and grow. What I wanted as a young adult was perhaps different from what I want today, in 2013. I come full circle back to that question of what is the authentic voice. How do we tap into our inner selves to actually hear what that voice has to tell us? By developing the habit of pausing periodically during our day and using what we know about breath during that pause, inspiration will come. As we give ourselves the gift of breath, the inner voice will shout out to us. On the other hand, if we rush about, as is our habit, and if we don’t take the time to ponder what we really want, we can continue to flail about. Each moment that we take the time to pause and consider these big questions, we also come closer to discerning just what our authentic voice is telling us and discerning how we can interact with ourselves and others in a way that is true to that authentic self or voice.

What would you like to do today, if $ were not an object? What about this week, this month, in this New Year that is now rushing by? How would it be to become clear about those things that make us come alive? Clarity all starts with stopping! At the very least, the stopping is a start to checking-in, to being in that moment and to discerning what you would really do if you could follow your heart’s desire. We only have one life to live and that moment is NOW!

Fay Putnam is an Alexander Technique teacher trained in the tradition established by F. M. Alexander and is certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT). She created Breath is the Answer, which helps performers, professional voice users, and presenters find their authentic voice, because she has a passion for teaching students to communicate successfully in both singing and speaking, in performance as well as in every day life. Through a course of lessons, students learn to become aware of how they are using themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.  Visit her website!