BSR Broadcasts: How to Find YOUR Path to Entrepreneurship
Tips from FranNet, the E-Harmony of Franchise Ownership

Emily Anderson of FranNet

The only regrets we have in life are the risks we didn’t take.
– Emily Anderson of FranNet

There are SO many paths to entrepreneurship; it’s a true calling and nothing about it is “one size fits all.” When I encourage people to consider entrepreneurship as an option–especially “encores” (Boomers and Seniors) who want increased financial stability and personal fulfillment during what we previously called “retirement”–I want them to think about the various paths they might follow and truly meditate on what’s right for them.

There’s solopreneurship (to which I’m a bit partial, of course!)

There’s starting a good old-fashioned, brick-and-mortar business from scratch.

And then there’s franchise ownership.

Meet Emily Anderson. Emily is a Franchise Consultant with FranNet, a 28-year-old international company with a track record of placing clients in successful businesses. And don’t let your preconceptions get in the way: “I represent many franchises that never sell a french fry!” she jokes.

Emily was raised by an entrepreneurial small business owner, and loved the wonderful flexibility her family enjoyed. “My father worked hard, played hard. We lived where we wanted (in proximity to the business) and vacationed when we wanted. He attended my soccer games and was available when I needed him.” Fast forward a couple of decades–Emily and her husband were trying to raise their own family and feeling totally stuck in a traditional corporate structure. So they jumped ship, walked away from the “golden handcuffs,” and decided to think outside the box. Her husband went back to grad school and Emily went to work for FranNet.

She remembers her childhood as an entrepreneur’s daughter, and loves helping people meet their deep, visceral need to start their own business. She loves helping them think through the pros and cons of franchise ownership over starting a business from scratch (spoiler alert: some of the main benefits of franchises include less risk–listen to find out more!) Many of her most successful clients are 50+–good at their corporate work but interested in an alternative; wanting to retire but interested in staying engaged and supporting their financial stability. “I’m not done yet,” they say. “I’m too young to retire but too old to hire.”

Emily has lots of great tips, but she has one especially powerful piece of advice for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, encore or otherwise: Don’t wait until you know exactly what you want! Don’t get stuck in waffling over what to do. Use the resources that are available (your local SBDC or FranNet’s free assessment for instance) and #JustStart your entrepreneurial venture. Listen now to learn more about how to create the life you’re dreaming about!

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