A Tip from Jackie: Be the Expert–How to Make Your Name Synonymous with Your Topic

Part of being successful as a solo means that you develop your reputation as a “go-to” expert in your deep and narrow niche. Why? Because when your expertise is recognized, two things happen: First, people will wait for you—they want to work with YOU. And second, people will pay you marginally more money for your work because of your expertise. Being known as an expert is important. So how do you do that? Speak and write. Speak on pod casts, speak at conferences, speak at meetings. Teach classes; become known for your specific niche. Your name and that topic become synonymous. Writing means you write for blogs, for groups, for journals, for newsletters. Submit articles to magazines and newspapers in your area of expertise. Offer opinions, write case studies. Again, the idea is for your name to become synonymous with your topic.