A Time to Celebrate

What will you celebrate and bring into the New Year?We will be ringing in the New Year soon and with it comes new goals, new focus and the momentum to create our best year so far. 

As a business advisor, I council my clients to look back over the previous year and see the accomplishments of the past year and really celebrate them. I personally will celebrate the great success of the study groups we have been able to set up and help creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs work through the book, Better, Smarter, Richer and really show them how to make the money they deserve by doing exactly what they love doing.  I am also thrilled at the breakthrough’s the Mastermind Group is having and celebrate their success.  On a personal note I’m excited to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary, no easy feat during the remodel of our house. 

I also council my clients that after they celebrate all their accomplishments of 2011, I suggest they also see what habits, mind sets and other limiting belief’s held them back in 2011 and commit to not bring them into 2012.  Whether your goals include tripling your income, finding your deep and narrow niche, staying away from mission creep, developing a business mindset or working on any of the other seven business principles outlined in Better, Smarter, Richer, I hope you will take some time to contemplate the successes you have had in 2011.  By identifying these and celebrating them, you will bring more of these successes to the coming year, this may make your resolutions even more clear for 2012.  I would love to hear about some of your successes.  Please leave a comment below so that we can celebrate with you.  Everyone at Better, Smarter, Richer wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year.   I say let’s all get Better, Smarter and Richer in 2012!


Exciting news from Better, Smarter, Richer is coming soon…..watch for an announcement after the first of the year.