What is Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is sharing your enthusiasm about your work.  This is where your passion comes in.  Remember, you have chosen a focus about which you are passionate, where you have talent, and where there is money to be made.  Marketing is about bringing forth that passion and sharing it with others all the time.  The more enthusiasm you have for your work and for what you do, the easier it is to meet others and talk about the work you love. 

This makes it easier to market every day.  Here are some ideas for a marketing strategy every day: 

–  Phone calls to past and current clients.

–  Sending out emails to leads or to possible colleagues in your area of expertise.

–  Attending a networking event.

–  Writing blogs or newsletters.

–  Making a proposal to a target customer.

–  Researching target customers.

–   Having coffee with a referral source.

–  Working on your marketing materials.

–  Attending a class on marketing.

– Developing your marketing plan.

–  Working to polish your unique value proposition.

 The idea is for you to participate in activities that keep you in a marketing mind set and to keep yourself there by doing something every single day.

 Will you get too many clients?  Not likely.  But, what if you do?  Tell the later customers that you can begin work for them at a defined time in the future.  Remember, there are two ways that customers acknowledge your mastery or expertise:  They will pay you a premium price and they will wait for you.  There is nothing wrong with having work booked out into the future; in fact it is a very satisfactory feeling.

So what things can you commit to doing every day that will keep in that marketing mindset?  Share below…..