Marketing Yourself by Networking

Our mastermind is having some wonderful breakthroughs in their business and one of the participants recently committed to attending some events for networking.  This was out of her comfort zone and it was a great way to push those limits we sometimes set up for ourselves.  She gave her report to the group and said that she was overwhelmed when she arrived at the event.  There were over 300 people there and she wanted to turn around and go home. 

My advice to her was:

#1- STOP at the door.

#2 – Take a deep BREATH.

#3- SAY to yourself.  “WOW!  Look!  300 prospective clients.”

This brave creative entrepreneur has been working on her Unique Value Proposition within the mastermind and she was ready to use it.  She is heading to another couple events for more networking and I’m proud of her for getting her marketing done every day.  Whether she is calling a previous client, making new contacts, finding an event she can attend to network with people or adding content to her blog, she is treating her business like a real business.  I’m so excited for the obstacles and ‘fear’ she has pushed through.