A Tip from Jackie
Money is Just a Tool

Money is just a tool

Money is just a tool!

There is so much hype and talk and emotion around money in our society that sometimes it is hard to remember that money is a tool. It is energy in a form that can be exchanged for value between disparate items. For example, I can exchange my consulting energy for your sewing energy. Also it is a way to save up our energy to use later. I can put my energy into my consulting, get paid, save my money and use my saved energy to buy a computer or a maybe a car.

So repeat after me: money is just a tool.

Often creatives are afraid of it because they see that the push to earn money is touted as more important than the push to be creative and express your imagination or your talent. In particular, many new or young artists have been told, “your art is beautiful but it will never support you; you should get a degree in computers so you can support yourself.” Hear that enough from your family and you cannot help but come to fear and hate money.

But again, remember our mantra: money is just a tool.

Unfortunately it is a tool that has often been used by the greedy and those who want to control us and be powerful to try to manage and control our lives. But we do not have to buy into that reality.We can still express our talent, offer our unique value, develop our skill…and make money. We can live comfortably and well and in alignment with our values. Remember, money is a tool. Learn about it just like you would learn about any other tool (your car, say, or your computer, or your camera) and integrate it into your life in ways that it will serve you.