A Tip from Jackie: Where Do Your Best Jobs Come From? How to Use Your Marketing Time Wisely

Marketing becomes much easier when you are only marketing to those most likely to hire you. How do you know? Look at your history and who has hired you in the past. Do they have some attributes or characteristics in common? Age, type of job, size of job, how they heard of you? Can you identify a sub set of the most common attributes of your good clients and good jobs? For instance, if all of your good jobs came from referral sources, you will want to do most of your marketing through those referral sources by cultivating your good relationship. If your most successful work is projects with other encores then do not spend your time and effort marketing at places or events or through outlets that do not attract encores. If only women are hiring you, then there is no sense marketing to men. Be analytical. Spend your daily marketing sending messages and energy back up the same channel that is already delivering you work.