A Tip from Jackie: Words Matter
Be Sure You Can Articulate Your Unique Value Proposition

Why does it matter that you’re able to articulate your unique value proposition? Because words matter. And clear words are ones that will be remembered by those with whom you network. When you have it “right,” your words will resonate with people; they will also remember who you are and what you offer, and they will be able to network and market for you by sharing your “byte” sized information with others they may run into days, weeks or even months later. They will be able to talk about you and what you do. This is a wonderful and powerful way for you to spread the word about yourself without you having to go to every event. The second major reason you want to be able to articulate your value proposition is it is a way to self-regulate and keep yourself on track and on focus. Are you actually staying on track and doing what your UVP says you are doing? Have you strayed? Listen to what you are saying about yourself and make sure that is who you are and what you are doing. Be consistent, be clear and stay on track.