Brand new Better, Smarter, Richer online course!

As a solo, encore, or creative entrepreneur – writer, photographer, web designer, financial planner, artist, or massage therapist – YOU are the business. That’s why traditional business advice won’t work for you.

Jackie B. Peterson, a creative thinker and solopreneur herself, saw the need for a new kind of business advice, so she wrote a book to help solos achieve their dreams (check out the free ebook!)  But she wanted to be able to offer solos even more support, and today we are thrilled to announce that we have just launched a brand new online course to help you become Better, Smarter, and Richer!  Take a look.

For only $349.00, you will get:

  • Seven hours of business advice tailored directly for you
  • Plenty of interactive activities
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Engaging narration

All that…and the satisfaction that comes from learning how you can make your dreams a reality. We all have hopes, dreams, and ambitions, but we have to take concrete steps, one after another, to manifest the future we want. Why not take the first step with the new online course?

Will 2013 be your year to get Better, Smarter, and Richer?  Let’s make it happen!  Take a look at the new online course and start living your dreams today.