Create Something Amazing this Weekend… Artmaking as Playful Prayer is Making Art as a Spiritual Practice


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Next Wednesday (May 16th at 10AM PDT) the award winning author Bridget Benton will be our guest on Solo Pro Radio 

To get a sneak peek and a delicious taste of Bridget Benton’s work read this excerpt from her award winning book,  The Creative Conversation: Artmaking as Playful Prayer and let the inspiration flow into something creative and amazing this weekend….. then join our conversation on Wednesday to hear about the incredible journey of this fabulous woman.

From Chapter 2, What is ArtMaking as Playful Prayer?

Artmaking as playful prayer is making art as a spiritual practice.

And it’s a lot more. It’s a way of making art that is freeing and intuitive and playful.

It’s a way of connecting with Spirit that is at once dynamic and meditative. It is a way

of deeply listening and deeply noticing. It’s an attitude, a process, and a practice.

Artmaking as playful prayer is a creative conversation.

Artmaking as playful prayer isn’t a monolog; it’s a conversation between you and

the art, a conversation between you and an energy that pulses through everything.

Then, there are those amazing moments when the conversation drops away, the sense

of separateness drops away, and you and the art and the universe all become one. In

those moments, it can feel as though you have become a channel for the flow of that

universal energy.

For me, artmaking is how I move from the monolog of my own ego and emotions

to the conversation and ultimately to the channel. And channeling that flow is a

deeply spiritual experience for me. A friend and I were recently joking that a good day

in the studio was working for four hours and having 40 seconds of flow. To make art as

part of a spiritual practice, we have to learn how to get out of the way.