Gigi Rosenberg’s Top 10 Tips for Acing Your Next Grant Application

Gigi Rosenberg is well known for her expertise in grant writing.  She wrote the book on it, so to speak….. The Artist’s Guide to Grant WritingRecently, she presented the top 10 tips for acing your next grant application at our Author’s Extravaganza at Rain City Coffee.  She was gracious enough to let us post 5 of the top 10….. (You’ll have to see live to get the full list!)

1.  Don’t think about what the granting organization wants. Think first about what you, the artist, wants. Then research which granting organizations are looking for you.

2. Make the grant writing process work for you. Let it force you do to the homework you need to do anyway. It will give you a deadline for writing down your idea and assembling a budget, artist statement and all those other key promotional pieces any successful artist needs.

3.  Don’t grant write alone. Build a team. The most important team member will be an editor to brainstorm with you and to edit your first draft.

4.  See your project or idea from the funder’s point of view. What would make it irresistible to the people with the checkbook?

5. Study the funder’s review criteria. How will they be judging you? Make sure you pay attention to what matters to them and ace the parts of the application they will scrutinize most closely.

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Thanks Gigi!!!  Check out Jackie’s interview with Gigi on Solo Pro Radio.